We are an Australian company now set up in New York as Platinum Pizza Box LLC. We believe that our unique silver lined pizza box that we have created and Patented, is the ‘World’s Best Pizza Box”. It not only looks great, but it is 100% recyclable and will soon have a silver rippled surface which will enable the fatty oil to drain from the pizza.

This creation was long overdue where the booming Pizza industry for 50 years, has been content to accept the old brown and oily pizza box, that often led to the pizza arriving home, stone cold!

Now with the new age of take away & home delivery by Doordash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Deliveroo etc, then there surely had to be a more modern pizza box to choose from.

Enter the Platinum Pizza Box, the new VIP friend of the pizza shop, Doordash, Uber Eats and of course, the pizza customer.

Platinum Pizza Box LLC has now partnered with leading equity crowd funder, WEFUNDER to enable us to set up a National Distribution Network in the USA, and soon the world.

This WEFUNDER crowd funding campaign is just starting now, where we agreed with WEFUNDER that it’s best to give the Pizza Shops the opportunity to part own the “World’s Best Pizza Box”, who are like minded people and destined to become our future customers.

To this end, we intend writing now to the Pizza Industry seeking expressions of interest in this offer. With this additional investor income, Platinum Pizza Box LLC intends to also move into the other take away foods, where containers and boxes will also adopt our special silver coating, that not only keeps the food hotter, but is uniquely 100% recyclable.

Our mission with this recyclable silver coating is to dominate the global Pizza Box market and for other food containers, then launch our amazing recyclable coffee cup, that will stay hotter for longer.

Our ultimate aim is to List on the Nasdaq, at which time our faithful stockholders will reap a very big return on their investment.

To find out more about becoming a Platinum Pizza Box LLC stockholder using WEFUNDER, then
click here. The Minimum investment is $150 and in blocks of $150.
For each $150 invested you will be sent a free pack of 50 Platinum Pizza Boxes.

For further info, please contact our founder and CEO   alan@platinumpizzaboxes.com

Click on this video link to view our founder’s video message.

Patent details

" A food container "

Patent App No. 2020100637

Alan Jorgensen - Founder